Monique van den Akker

Monique van den Akker completed her Bachelor of Primary Education in 2004 and has been teaching for almost 19 years. During that time she not only worked as a class teacher, but also as a DAL teacher (Dutch as an additional language), a NTC teacher (Dutch Language and Culture) and as a teacher of English abroad. Currently she is teaching advanced learners.Since her youngest son was diagnosed with a language development disorder, she has had the ambition to work as a Remedial Teacher and in that capacity she has joined BLH. Monique is someone who has a passion for her profession. She teaches children to consciously and attentively work on their own development, she regularly reflects on her profession and expectations. She always looks at what the student needs and hopes to contribute to their optimal development in this way. She believes that to move forward you have to take action, because action creates change and change creates progress.