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We work with a team of expert psychologists, (ortho)pedagogues and remedial teachers with various specialisms. This structure allows us to meet all types of educational and psychological needs that children, parents and schools may have.

Drs. Lizette Scheer

Founder and Owner Anykind

Lizette has been the owner of AnyKind since 2003. She studied at Leiden University, where she obtained a graduate degree in Occupational and Organizational psychology, as well as one in Developmental and Educational psychology. After years of working experience in the field of youth and educational psychology, Lizette currently focuses on coaching the specialists at AnyKind, as well as the optimalization of its organizational structure. This way, she combines both of her graduate specializations and ensures the flourishing and growth of the practice. Lizette also has a great interest in lifestyle and nutrition and how these influence the development and learning process of a child. Lizette is possesses several Dutch qualifications to offer therapy and diagnostic assessments.

Debbie Edirisinghe

Founder and Owner Anykind


Debbie Edirisinghe is the Founder and owner of AnyKind. She is also the Founding Director of Child Action Lanka and holds the position as Director at Anugra Asia (Pvt) Ltd, Asia Director at Epiphany Trust. Furthermore, Debbie actively works with Global Goodwill Ambassadors, Female Wave of Change and ALL (All Ladies League). Currently reading for her PHD at Durham University, she holds a BA (hons) in Business Management and Administration from Birmingham City University and a Master of Business Administration from Cardiff Metropolitan University and MBA in Human Resource Management with the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Debbie is the recipient of many awards such as Keerthishri Deshamanya (by The Government of Sri Lanka) , Zonta Centennial Award - Sri Lanka , Lifetime achievement award (Women World Awards 2019), Female Achievers-Lifetime Achievement Award (Women World Awards - USA 2019), Champion of the year and Female Entrepreneur of the Year (Women World Awards – USA 2018).

Rajeeka Shehana Jenorge

Psychologist and Remedial Therapist

Rajeeka Shehana Jenorge is a Psychologist as well a Remedial Therapist. She has completed her degree in Special Needs at the Open University of Sri Lanka, as well as Masters in Applied Psychology and Behavior Change at Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK. She is currently a lecturer at the Open University and she works with children, parents and teachers in the field of special needs.She has experience in working with children starting from ages 1 1/2 to 27 years of age for almost 11 years. She is able to speak, read and write in Tamil, Sinhala and English, which is an added advantage to be able to help those of different backgrounds.She has conducted the workshops “Creating and Implementing IEP’s” and “Introducing SNE to schools for Inclusive Education”, as well as tv programs to advocate mental health and its effects, targeting a wide audience in Sri Lanka.Her passion is to create a new community in which everyone is accepted for who they are. She enjoys working with parents, teachers and young adults in helping them find true happiness in life.

Louisa Belguebli MSC

School Psychologist

Louisa graduated in the fields of School Psychology, Linguistics and as a first degree teacher of French at Leiden University. She loves the intersection between psychology and education. Prior to joining AnyKind, she worked at two international schools where she gained experience as a teacher and as a school psychologist. Most of her caseload consists of children and adolescents with a combination of learning difficulties and social-emotional issues. Her main goal is to make them feel confident and competent by creating a learning environment that suits their needs and challenges them at their level. For the social-emotional guidance she offers, she likes to use the solution focussed and cognitive-behavioral approach. Louisa possesses several Dutch qualifications to offer therapy and diagnostic assessments.

Monique van den Akker

Remedial Teacher

Monique van den Akker completed her Bachelor of Primary Education in 2004 and has been teaching for almost 19 years. During that time she not only worked as a class teacher, but also as a DAL teacher (Dutch as an additional language), a NTC teacher (Dutch Language and Culture) and as a teacher of English abroad. Currently she is teaching advanced learners.Since her youngest son was diagnosed with a language development disorder, she has had the ambition to work as a Remedial Teacher and in that capacity she has joined BLH. Monique is someone who has a passion for her profession. She teaches children to consciously and attentively work on their own development, she regularly reflects on her profession and expectations. She always looks at what the student needs and hopes to contribute to their optimal development in this way. She believes that to move forward you have to take action, because action creates change and change creates progress.

Drs. Esther Metten

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Esther studied Developmental and Educational Psychology at Leiden University. She has extensive experience supervising primary school teachers of students with special educational needs, both in Rotterdam and The Hague. Her vision is that all children have the ability to learn, but that they do so in different ways. And that it is the task of parents and education professionals to find what does and does not work for this child. Esther also has a lot of experience in the field of diagnostics, both of individuals and groups. She has an affinity with high sensitivity and autism and is very interested in lifestyle and nutrition in relation to the (learning) development of a child. Esther is possesses several Dutch qualifications to offer therapy and diagnostic assessments. She works in the Delft and The Hague.

Tereza Vlckova MSC

Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Tereza Vlckova holds a master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology from Leiden University and will soon obtain another one at Charles University in Prague, specialised in clinical psychology. With a deep-rooted passion for child psychology, Tereza has gathered experience working with children and adolescents facing a diverse spectrum of mental health challenges, including autism, learning difficulties, social-emotional problems, or trauma-related issues. Her approach is based on the belief that every child has their unique set of talents and skills, which can be used to address and transform problems into strengths. She is determined to create environments where children feel confident and competent, ensuring that each intervention is tailored to their specific needs.


AnyKind gives students from Utrecht University, Leiden University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and other institutes the opportunity to gain practical experience. The interns work under the guidance of the remedial educationalists and psychologists, who bear the final responsibility for the supervision.

Partner organisations

We also collaborate with various organisations in the field of child development and education.


In order to expand our services, we regularly have vacancies.