Mission and Vision

Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their package at different times

Discover your talents
Everyone has their own talents and abilities. But in the case of a problem or disorder, this is often overshadowed by what we cannot do. AnyKind wants children, young people but also (young) adults to experience what they are good at and help them develop their less strong side In their own way. At their own pace. Making mistakes is essential. A learning process consists of solving difficulties and making changes step by step. By recognizing this, motivation grows, challenges are taken on (again) and you can function with pleasure and self-confidence in (daily) life again.

A positive mindsetAt AnyKind we are convinced that a growth mindset will positively promote the entire development (including learning). Confidence in one’s own abilities is the most important thing you can give (a child). From this point of view, it is really important to consider everyone unique. Our mission is therefore to bring out the best in as many children, young people and (young) adults as possible, to develop and learn to use their own (unique) talents. Succes despite dyslexiaThis vision mainly stems from the own experience of one of the flounders of AnyKind (Lizette Scheer). As a child, she was often reminded of what she couldn’t do: spell and process information quickly. Resulting in anxiety. Nevertheless, with dyslexia, she started studying Psychology in English at university. Strengthened by the confidence of her environment and the success that resulted from it, she completed her studies and started her own company.