BLH in Sri Lanka


Every child is unique and has their own talents. However, not every child develops those talents the same way, at the same time and in the same conditions. BLH is here to support children who experience difficulties in their development, be it at school, at home or elsewhere. 

At BLH, we help children and adolescents at our practices which are spread out across the Netherlands. However, we also aim to provide help for children on a global scale. This dream started when Lizette (founder of BLH and psychologist) was traveling through Sri Lanka. There, she noticed a big contrast in Dutch and Sri Lankan learning culture, yet she also noticed similarities between Dutch and Sri Lankan children and their psychological and educational difficulties. These observations inspired her to become involved and take action. 

Specialists from BLH travel to Sri Lanka to offer guidance and knowledge on subjects such as psychology and education. BLH cofounded an association for the children’s village in Galle, in the southern part of Sri Lanka. Through this programme, BLH has made a positive impact. 

In 2022, BLH started a new and exciting project in Sri Lanka. In collaboration with University College Leuven Limburg, we are creating an academic programme in the field of child and youth psychology. Our primary partners are Child Action Lanka and the ICBT campus. 

We aim to have the academic programme be as sensitive to the Sri Lankan culture as possible, which is why we are collaborating with locals and social workers in Sri Lanka. They are their own experts when it comes to Sri Lankan culture and religious beliefs. Our contribution is sharing knowledge of evidence-based methods. And by educating professionals in the working field, we hope to make a lasting impact. 

We use the international working name AnyKind for the English-language services we offer. Our goal is to help children all over the world by educating social workers in child and youth work. This way, the information will not get lost once we leave. With the help of our wonderful volunteers and contributors, a real change can be made.

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We need your help to fulfil our dream! With your donation you can be part of the this movement and we can support the basic needs of Sri Lankan children, such as school supplies and training tools. That way, we can give them a brighter future. 

Because we offer  all the help ourselves, we are in the position to monitor the results of our work and our funds. We simultaneously learn about the eastern culture and implement this knowledge in our ‘western’ approach – that is to say in the way we provide treatment at BLH. Most definitely a win-win situation! 

This is how you make a donation: go to your internet banking application. Fill in this account number: NL58RABO0168465507 (account holder name: Buro Leerlingenhulp Lizette Scheer) and add the following description: Donation BLH in Sri Lanka.  

We appreciate every donation, however big or small. 

Finally, you can also visit our webshop. To download or buy a product, we ask you to make a donation of which a 100% goes to our Sri Lanka project. 

Thank you very much! 

P.S. If you want to learn more about this project, you can read our blog.